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Kids Magnesium Bedtime Lotion 120ml

Sale price$24.99 Regular price$34.99

Kids Magnesium Bedtime Lotion 120ml
Kids Magnesium Bedtime Lotion 120ml Sale price$24.99 Regular price$34.99

Loved by 40,000+ moms and their kids


"This magnesium lotion has finally helped me sleep all the way through the night! It helped soothe my restless legs whilst also tackling those pregnancy aches and pains!"



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May help my autistic son to sleep faster.

This Magnesium Bedtime Lotion from NaturallyMum is handmade right here in the UK using 100% natural aromatherapy ingredients without artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives.I use it on my autistic son who has difficulty falling over to sleep, and it seems to help him to sleep faster and longer, not every day, but it’s much better than before using this cream.It usually takes a long time to put him to sleep even after a certain nightly routine - a nice warm bath, a massage, and a bedtime story. We also put a diffuser oil with calming oils such as lavender or chamomile in his room but it fails to help him to sleep faster.The nice Lavender smell is nice and relaxing. The lotion turns to oil when rubbed, it is non-greasy and absorbed quickly into the skin.It’s available on Amazon for £19.99 at the time of writing this review, not cheap, but for the quality natural formulation especially it seems to be working, it might be worth the price. However, I would only buy this when it’s on sale.In short, natural formulated magnesium lotion that may help my autistic son to sleep faster and longer.

Charlie Chen
Fantastic product help my autistic son

It's a great product with a natural fragrance and the skin absorbs quickly.My autistic son sometimes has sleep problems. He wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake for several hours, but this has not happened since using this cream.I noticed he slept better and longer, he woke up fresh with full of energy so this is definitely help..!!Can’t thank you enough 🙏🙏🙏

Rebecca Golder
Helps relax

I have uses this on my children's pillows every night and they do seem to relax a little better as long as they have thier normal bedtime routine. It smells lovely. Not too overpowering. It is non greasy. Even used on my pillow and I'm a adult.

Helps you get a better night's sleep

I've used this on both myself and the kids and it's a wonderful help for poor sleepers.Lovely lavender and chamomile fragrance and easy to rub in, we put it on the soles of our feet before we go to bed. I don't find that it makes anyone fall to sleep any quicker but I do think that it increases the chances of you sleeping through the night or getting back to sleep if you're woken for any reason.The kids sleep much better when using it and I think it would be fantastic for restless leg sufferers too, especially if you're pregnant and sleep is hard to come by! This lotion is a little bit more messy than the adult body butter version, which I prefer, but is still nice. It is a good sleep help but not sure it will replace melatonin for anyone as it kind of has a different effect I've found, as it helps you have a better quality sleep rather than get to sleep more quickly.

An amazing bed time lotion and not just for kids.

We absolutely love lavender, and we always buy products with lavender as it is perfect for restlessness, depression or even great for insomnia. Just generally calms the mind and it applies to this cream too. This product did not disappoint us, as the fragrance is absolutely lovely, easy to use it and definitely relaxes everyone in the family. Also perfectly giftable and the whole family is using it on a daily basis.

Gene HastingsGene Hastings
Only a tiny bit needed each time -- really helps our girls get to sleep

I ordered this as something to try to help get our 5 year olds off to sleep and I must say that it really does seem to be working well. My wife and I tried a bit on our own feet first and found that we had put a bit much as it is very strong stuff.The combination of lavender and lemon (like citronella) scent is a nice smell and only needs a tiny bit to be quickly and easily applied to their feet and they go off nice and calmly. The magnesium I'm sure must be helping as there also seems to be a bit less riggling around which in bunk beds was also something that delayed each other settling down fully.It comes in a neat glass jar inside a card tube with metal lids so everything easily recyclable too.When I saw the price I thought it looked very expensive and probably wouldn't have ordered it if paying without trying first. However, now we have seen that such a little bit goes a long way (we're about 20% through after a few weeks using every night on our twins) it does seem very fair and will certainly look at buying (hopefully subscribe and save) when this jar runs out.A truly lovely product that I am sure we will be buying in future. Thank you!


Very thick to apply. A bit like vaseline in consistency, so takes a lot of rubbing in. This in itself is soothing and relaxing, so this will help soothe your baby as well as the benefits of the lavender and magnesium. Nice product.

That book kinda gal
Great for cracked heels!!

So whenever I buy something like this for my kids I always try it out on myself first... I'm so glad I did because the next morning when I took my socks off I nearly when head over heels across the kitchen floor!The smell of this product is amazing and is one that does make me sleepy but its very greasy and a little does go a very long way. After apply to the bottom of my feet like instructed by feet felt very greasy the next day, this could just be that I apply to much I don't know. I think if using on a child it would be best to apply to the top of the foot maybe?However, I have really sore cracked heels due to eczema and after just one use the cracks on my feet are almost completely gone! I've used other foot creams and none of them can compare to this.The price is quite high but I'd be willing to pay that just to not walk around in pain all day.

Lovely kids bedtime cream

Gorgeous smelling soft balmLeaves your skin feeling super smoothApply a small amount to the bottom of your childs feet before bedtimeNatural relaxing ingredients include mango seed butter, coconut oil, lavender, chamomile oil100% naturalVegan and crutely freeSuitable for babies 3months+Glass jar 120mlNo plastic, comes in cardboard protective tubeVery pleased with itWill definitely purchase againWould highly recommend

Nice scent

Anything that gets the kids to sleep easier and quicker is appreciated, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this.You apply a small amount to your child’s feet, apparently the magnesium in the lotion helps you to relax and calms you, might need some of that myself!Smells nice but my daughters not keen on it as she doesn’t like anything lavender scented.Haven’t really noticed much difference in the first few days of use but my grandson is going through a clingy stage where he wants his mom to stay with him until he falls asleep.The jar will last ages as you don’t need much but it is quite expensive, although I appreciate its handmade in the UK.Hope you found my review helpful