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Naturally Mum


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magnesium wellness brand for mammas and kiddos


To support you through
every phase of motherhood. From the moments
of anticipation to the whirlwind of daily parenting
and the wisdom that comes with experience.

Why Magnesium is important for mums

Magnesium is important for mums for several reasons as it plays a crucial role in various physiological functions in the body. Magnesium is essential for supporting strong and healthy bones, hormonal regulation, muscle function, cardivascular health, energy production and PMS relief.

It can also help support stress reduction, relaxation and relief from restless legs. It's the perfect addition to your nightime routine to ensure a deeper, more restful sleep!

Why Choose Naturally Mum?

Maternal nurturance

Amidst the selfless care you provide, mothers deserve care and nurturing. Through our products and community we aim to empower you to prioritise your own well-being, enabling you to continue nurturing your families with love and strength.

Family centric

We place mums and their families at the heart of all our endeavors, offering versatile products that seamlessly integrate into your routine and help with creating a seamless family journey.


We champion eco-conscious practices and sustainable sourcing to minimise environmental impact across product creation and community initiatives. We believe our products shouldn’t harm you or nature's well-being.