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Magnesium Sleepy Body Lotion

Sale price$29.99 Regular price$39.99

Magnesium Sleepy Body Lotion
Magnesium Sleepy Body Lotion Sale price$29.99 Regular price$39.99

Loved by 40,000+ moms and their kids


"This magnesium lotion has finally helped me sleep all the way through the night! It helped soothe my restless legs whilst also tackling those pregnancy aches and pains!"



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Customer Reviews

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Jessica M
Great product !

I would recommend this cream to any pregnant woman who may be having trouble with Charley Horses at night! I was waking up a couple times a week with them and since I bought this I have not had one! I think it works great!


I’ve used this for almost a month and it has been the best sleep I’ve had in years! I love it! I am a believer and tell all my friends about it! I am using it for menopause. I used to be best sleeper and for years now I’ve become the worst sleeper and this has helped me so much!

Joanne Santanamontez
Blissful Sleep and Comfort Aid

Love this soothing product. I put small amounts on my forehead, temples and jaw joints in the evening before bedtime. It helps ease discomfort from sinus headaches and seasonal allergy symptoms. It helps me get more restful sleep and with no harsh chemicals or additives. Simply pure and natural...I will never be without it.

Jamie P
Amazing product!

Amazing feel, scent and customer service! The added bonus is I’m already sleeping better!

Katie H

Reduced leg cramps. Love the scent.

Great product

After 20 minutes, I am yawning and ready for bed. The restless legs along with the side effects are gone. The muscle spasms in my ribs are all but gone. A spasm started but within 30 seconds, it subsided. This product works and the lavender scent is pure heavenly. I would highly recommend and give 5 stars.

worked great

Love it!!

Rachel DeFriez
Helps with sleeping

Love the smell and it helps with sleeping when rubbed on the neck

Carol Kerse

Foot cleansng

P.A. Locke

I wasn't sure this would work, given that magnesium chloride was so far down the list of ingredients. I have found that when I over indulge in chocolate, I experience severe, painful leg muscle cramps (from induced magnesium deficiency). Movement is almost impossible. As oral magnesium in high enough doses to reverse this would cause diarrhea, I now opt for topical applications. Applied extra layers over the cramped areas then the entire legs and arms and I was finally cramp and pain free and able to sleep. The one thing that I appreciate with this product is that it's not granular like plain magnesium oil and keeps the skin soft and supple, rather than puckered with the plain oil. However, I would like the formula slightly thicker.