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Magnesium Happy Feet Cream For Feet & Calf Pain 120ml

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Being busy on your feet all day means they can become very tired, sore, inflamed and painful. We know the feeling all too well, so we created a 100% natural cream to help soothe tired feet and calves so you can finally put your feet up and rest easy. 

- Helps soothe, calm and rejuvenate tired, aching feet and calves

- Powerful aromatherapy formulation

- Absorbs quickly, and non greasy

- Handmade in small batches from 100% natural ingredients and formulated to be safe for pregnant mums

- 100% eco friendly, recyclable packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Melin Mehmed
The best

The best foot cream I've ever used.It makes my feet so relaxed and so moisturised at the same time.I reccomend it!

Deborah Izett
Foot cream - so soothing and moisturising.

This is the best foot cream I think I’ve ever used. It’s not greasy, but feels like it’s actually doing something. It’s cooling and moisturising. It’s been particularly good when feeling hot at bedtime. My skin is really soft but it is just so soothing after carrying the extra pregnancy weight all day.

Lily Lloyd
Makes my feet so relaxed and moisturised

I can't believe this is actually 100% natural. I love how it makes my feet so relaxed and so moisturised at the same time. The smell and absorption are also great!

Victoria Murray
Will use this throughout my pregnancy!

I'm currently in the 5th month of my pregnancy and this has been helping me soothe the pain my feet. Will be using this throughout my pregnancy. Such a great help!

Riley Campbell
Helps the pain in my calves and feet.

Discovered this last month and this truly helped the aching in my calves all the way to my feet after a long day of work.